As a Leader, there’s a point in your journey where you-
  • want clarity on your career path
  • need to define what you want to be recognized for
  • get real with the rewards you want your career to offer you and your family
As an Executive Coach for leaders and
their teams, my clients all are able to-
  • Get Clear
  • Get Recognized 
  • Get Paid
So that they get to-
  • embrace the work that is fulfilling
  • stand confidently in what sets them apart from others 
  • reap the benefits that matter to them – and their teams
And so can you!



I am Carole Stizza. I’m a…

  • Professionally Certified Executive Leadership Coach

  • Strategic Strength Trainer

  • International Speaker

  • And the Coach who helps you Get Clear on what you want! Get Recognized for the talents you offer! and Get Paid for the rewards that are meaningful to you!

I’m also a Cancer Conquerer. Lover of Comedy. Dog lover. Weekend cyclist. Diligently practicing wine lover.  And a women on a mission to coach you to use your unique strengths to elevate your influence, your leadership, and your success.

Carole Stizza business coach




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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson