Everyone is a leader with their own style.
Identify and optimize yours!


EVERYONE has Natural Strengths to lead in their own success.

To love what you do, Optimize the team and clients you desire, and grab life – You MUST identify and Leverage what makes you unique.

Doing so will fuel your energy, your success, and your influence!

Personal Leadership Coaching

I specialize in coaching you to identify your gifts.  This means learning and OWNING what makes you uniquely different.  

Doing so defines what success will be for you and it’s an amazing journey that elevates your enjoyment in and outside of work.

A coach is a partner.  Together, you learn how to optimize your talents, your energy, and your communication skills to tackle the challenges that stand in your way. 

Team Leadership Coaching

Bragging is great!

What do YOU want clients and peers to brag about?

I specialize in getting teams to identify the very actions that support exactly what you want clients to brag about.

 When this happens, teams are more energized, cohesive and thrive and they brag about their work too.


 I’m Carole, your Leadership Coach, and I elevate your success by connecting you to your unique influence.