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Carole Stizza is a ICF certified Business Leadership Coach, Sr. Certified H.R. Professional, and a Strength Strategy Specialist who now consults, trains, and coaches to empower you to love life & work through understanding how to go after the information you need to elevate confidence, be the leader you need to be for yourself, and stop second guessing your decisions.

She coaches you to identify, embrace and elevate how to value who you were meant to be and connects it to directly benefits your work-life enjoyment and success.


“Fantastic energy and insights. You showed us real-time how you handle challenges in a productive way.”

Gunilla Giardo

Vice President, TwoMentor

“The coaching experience positively affected all aspects of my life, whether at work or in my personal relationships.” Jane White

Manager of Financial Services, Lea+Elliott, Inc.

“The coaching experience positively affected all aspects of my life, whether at work or in my personal relationships.”

Susan Kellet-Forsyth

Member of First Female Class, West Point

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Carole’s Talking Points

Stop Second-Guessing Yourself!

How finding the 1 thing you don’t have to change will Rock your confidence the Right way! In a world of improvement fixation, harness what you do right, and hack the self-improvement cycle.

Master Why You Matter

Ever wonder where your value and purpose originate? Capture the science, data, and essence of each & own your value in this world.

Attitude Changes Everything!

Or “What I learned from being a Car Crash Dummy (and Why I want a Tattoo!).” Extreme circumstances happen without your permission, how you respond determines everything.

Communicate Your Value–Without Bragging!

Ever wonder how to continually chat with others and reveal your value naturally? Learn tips and tools to communicate your Value and elevate your networking success.

Keep Feedback From Being A Pain In Your Career!

Master how to step into the right conversations, control what information gets thrown your way, gain the information you need, and happily elevate your confidence with inside knowledge that will accelerate your career.

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