In today’s rocky work environments, Compassion is needed at work more than ever!

Compassion@Work is a remarkable collection of insights from 18 leading HR and OD experts, across multiple industries and professional roles. And it’s a must-read for any leader looking to achieve more by putting humanity back into the workplace.

Carole Stizza shines in Chapter 14! Using a coach approach, she offers insights in to what each of us, individually, can do to influence the success of Compassion@Work.

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What constitutes compassion in the workplace,
and why does it matter?

The stories in this book answer those questions, and more.

Absolutely every decision, every business strategy, every word spoken between colleagues, and every policy enacted can and should be derived from a place of compassion. Because organizational success is, at its core, about human beings working together to serve human purposes.

Open this book to examine the many nuances of compassion as:

  • A business strategy
  • A workplace growth driver
  • The cornerstone of workplace communication
  • A tool for serving your business by first serving others
  • The key to achieving effective dialogue, meaningful diversity, outstanding customer service, and much more.

Grab your book and make a difference today!

Interview with the Author

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