Be the architect of your confidence.

As your leadership coach, I will teach you to BE THE PERSON YOU WERE MEANT TO BE, so you can LEAD YOUR WAY THROUGH ANY CHALLENGE and embrace what you were meant to do.

Individual Leadership Coaching is for…

  • The professional struggling with an individual goal that hasn’t been reached yet, i.e. sales goals, promotions, leading others.
  • The CEO or Executive who needs balance and perspective on how they communicate to lift their teams
  • A Manager feeling stuck and looking for motivation to get back on track
  • The peer who wants to take control of their work life
  • The coworker who desires to reach their team in a more positive way
  • The new professional looking to step into life after graduation with more tools and clarity
  • The transitioning professional who desires to know what to say in the interview
  • And on and on…..life is full of leadership challenges and a leadership coach can journey with you to navigate your choices with quicker results, smoother transitions and with more focused intention!

Individual Coaching Packages for B2C (Individuals or Entrepreneurs outside of a larger business)

Step In Package

An individual strength finder assessment and a coached debrief that takes into account where the individual wants to go and connecting their strengths to an action plan.

3-4 weeks


  • Higher Self awareness of personal strengths and how they affect personal success
  • Detailed information about strengths and access to videos to become more immersed in how to optimize individual strengths
  • Knowledge of how these strengths affect others and how they can become a weakness when applied in the wrong context
  • Additional reports to make it easier to understand the value of your personal strengths and detailed information about the environment and actions from others that positions you to be your best when using your natural strengths.


Individual Executive Coaching

6-month package that includes the Step in Package, a customized plan that includes goal setting, development plan, EQ assessment, and accountability coaching.

Individual Coaching for B2B (entrepreneurs working within an organization to connect employee success to the bottom line for ROI)


Workplace Executive Coaching

Designed for a month to month or 6-month agreements working with leadership minded individuals who have a goal of promotion, leadership, and an executive career path within an organization.  Includes the Step In package, the CONNECT package and is normally customized per individual for unique goals and communicated to the necessary peers or supervisors if desired.


Designed to be a 6-month engagement and can be purchased for one or a set amount of individuals – depending upon company needs/goals and will always include the Step In Package.

Goals are to:

C: Connect employees to their own individual strengths and identify where gaps have emerged.

O:  Identify the OPPORTUNITIES available within the business where the use of their strengths will help them succeed

N:  NARROW down those opportunities to 1-3 areas of growth potential

N:  Identify which opportunities for growth fit in NEXT and put them into a development plan

E:  EVALUATE their EQ which determines how ready they really are for growth and change

C: COMMUNICATE this development plan to the appropriate support/ manager/supervisory and get agreement on a plan of action

T:  After 90 days of coaching, Assess TALENT and TRUST that the process is working.



  • Identify employees who want to grow  
  • Coach mediocre / moderately performing employees into higher performing employees
  • Connect the organization to the strengths available to them within their workforce
  • Identify areas where change can increase ROI with the right employees
  • Strengthen the use of talent in the right roles