Embrace what makes you NATURALLY UNIQUE and connect with the work you love.

If you feel like you need to be someone else for your success – or like someone else– you are wrong! Stop! In fact, it is working against you in a BIG WAY!

I’m Carole Stizza. I want to help you discover how what makes you unique will help you move forward. 


My Leadership Coaching Story

From the great town of La Porte, Texas and across the U.S. with our military family I have had to uncover who I truly am from years of living up to everyone else’s standards.

For a very long time – even though I acted as if I was happy and comfortable with myself, I was not.

They say that insecurity is loud and confidence is quiet. They are RIGHT!

While I felt invisible, not heard, and possessed a strong desire to be what everyone else needed me to be – I complained, I was unhappy, and I was always seeking more to make up for it. I was under self-induced stress that I never recognized.

Until I did – and that’s when I made some MAJOR SHIFTS and life became very real – and very wonderful.


Having supported a military family who moved often, I know that leadership roles came in a variety of forms, each one unique both in geographic location and income.  Work leadership is not different than self-leadership and I quickly learned that what I had learned through tragedy became a gift through work.

Life is Short

Having led myself through the recovering of 3 car accidents, which all occurred while stopped and turning left, there was no fault or blame, nor any area of improvement that could have happened to prevent these.  At that point you have to either move forward or wallow and wallowing wasn’t an option.  The same can be said for work.  Wallowing slows down progress, limits opportunities, and basically just makes everything get stuck.

Wallowing slows down progress, limits opportunities, and basically just makes everything get stuck.

However, after my recovery of the difficult diagnosis of stage 3 cancer, I became – truly – just stuck.  I have seen this happen to many at work through an unexpected pivot in career plans, mergers that displace redundant personnel, downsizing due to economy, and right sizing for start-ups. And wonderful professionals get stuck.

This happens in every facet of our lives and when it happens in our work life, it can be overwhelming.  So much rides on how we are valued that many times we forget to value ourselves before we buy into how other’s value us.


When I got stuck, I got a coach. Each session brought new perspectives, new challenges, new ideas, and new ways to validate my gifts, talents, and skills. While all coaches are unique and offer what they are great at, I realized that I was a unique breed in the way I viewed leadership.  I’ve delved deep into research because I needed to be able to move opinions aside and help people feel validated through the rigors of science and get to heart of what makes them great.  To build their own leadership style and uniqueness.  To help them revel and explore where to grow based upon what makes them unique!

As your coach, I provide you with:

tools and guidance to claim what is going right,

assess where your emotional intelligence can grow,

create and meet goals,

embrace new perspectives

establish new mindsets

celebrate all successful changes


Identify your strengths + the gifts they provide

learn to live by your strengths, to include knowing what you are great at, and what you are not

Learn to celebrate who you are, even the parts you label as weaknesses

Find what differentiates you from the rest and build your career around that

Begin to make new choices and form new habits towards the goals you desire

Receive support, encouragement and motivation to achieve your goals

Build the bridge between where you are and where you want to be with clarity


Ready to see what a leadership coach can do for you?

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I am an alum of George Mason University with my Bachelor’s degree and I have a Master’s degree from Colorado State University, both in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

  • The opportunity to get an advanced degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology has taught me research and expertise to help teams work better together.
  • The amazing side effect of my degree is an informed ability to help individuals use the rigors of science to validate individual and unique strengths and talents. These reveal what you are capable of and why people will be attracted to working with you. Your natural strengths also reveal why you formed your current ideas from your own life lessons.

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