Here’s an important question for you: When did feedback become such a pain in the career?

In all my years working with companies, human resources, and industry leaders, I’ve seen the exponential growth that occurs when feedback is handled appropriately. I’m not talking rainbows-and-unicorns feedback, when all you get or give is sugared compliments and validation. I’m talking real, true, constructive guidance that helps improve communication, collaboration, and overall operations.

In recent years, leaders and managers have fled from “negative feedback,” opting to either ignore poor performance, sandwich it between sugar slices, or gloss over it entirely, and in doing so, they have lost opportunities, revenue potential, and great employees. After all, the worst feedback isn’t negative; the worst feedback is no feedback at all.

There’s no question that I have a soft spot for hard feedback, and it’s not just because I find it the most effective way for people to become relevant in their success. It’s because specific, positive, supportive feedback is contagious. It’s because the more available we are to receiving feedback, the better we are at giving it, and vice versa. It’s because we are all not-so-secretly craving feedback all the time, whether we think we need it or not.

I believe that’s why my Feedback series is one of my most popular. Whether you listen to my speaking engagements, explore my online workshops on your own, or work with me directly, you’ll learn crucial skills related to constructive guidance from both sides of the table. Things like

How to ask and receive feedback

  • How to ask for clear and honest insights into your current performance.
  • What specific words and phrasing will get you the best results (and which ones to avoid)
  • How to apply feedback immediately

How to give feedback effectively

  • Why timing matters
  • How to develop your own internal feedback loop
  • How to give the best feedback, even when it may not be positive
  • Why performance evaluations are a lost opportunity

In other words, you’ll not only listen and accept feedback but also embrace the heck out of it.

Much like the other coursework I’ve developed, the positive feedback loop is an important skill in both your professional development and throughout every part of your life; every relationship from your boss to your mother-in-law can benefit from the healthy, honest, and friendly communication skills I teach.


How to create a Positive Feedback Loop!

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Having Fun with Feedback

I recently received some feedback that was hard to hear.  Seems I had developed a habit I thought was a friendly way to relate when, actually, I had never really stopped to understand how it might be perceived by others.  Turns out, it was rarely received...

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Online Training

Start The Feedback Loop is an online training course created to help you increase your vocabulary in the form of clear adjectives and powerful action verbs. You’ll learn to translate all kinds of feedback into a positive force for change for your job, your team, and your personal life.


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If you want a more intensive and customized feedback training, one-on-one coaching is the way to go. Great for groups and individuals who process information by talking it out and for those wanting faster, more specific results.


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One Bite Feedback

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