My leadership coaching positions you to be the architect of your confidence.


Individual Leadership Coaching is for…

  • The Professional struggling with an individual goal that hasn’t been reached yet, i.e. sales goals, promotions, leading others.
  • The CEO or Executive who needs balance and perspective on how they communicate to lift their teams
  • A Manager feeling stuck and looking for motivation to get back on track
  • The New Graduate looking to step into life after graduation with more tools and clarity
  • The Transitioning Professional looking to change career paths and desires to know what to say in the interview
  • And on and on…..life is full of leadership challenges and a leadership coach can journey with you to navigate your choices with quicker results, smoother transitions and with more focused intention!


  • Coaching Testimonial

    I am grateful for the opportunity to have had Carole’s time and attention. As a seasoned PM, I found myself in a rut and wanted to make a transition to an entirely new career path. Carole listened intently to my new thoughts and goals and was able to review, refine, enhance and teach me to be my own promoter and voice my career/life in the way it should be. She has an ability to understand and articulate the best ways to emphasize your knowledge, strengths and abilities. If it were not for Carole’s work with me, the hard discussions and the practice interviews, I doubt that I would have landed in my dream job. Only a month in but I am happier with my career and my home life. I now smile and laugh and have the desire to work. Best of all, I have lost my grumpy demeanor! Thank you Carole for being such an amazing coach and helping to change my life!

    Gary Foote
    Gary Foote
    Technology Program/Project Manager
    Capital One
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole Stizza is a wonderful coach. I loved how really caring she is and felt she “got” me. She gave me so much positive feedback and encouragement, combined with targeted feedback that helped me to overcome obstacles. Carole provided me with tools (thinking and communication framework) that has made a world of difference in how I approach people and tasks. I am able to communicate differently from before; more efficiently and better suited for my audience.

    I cannot thank her enough for her support and guidance. I was promoted to director during the time that she coached me and I believe that applying Carole’s recommendations and choosing to do and see things differently made the difference.

    Coaching Testimonial
    Elke Wiersema
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole is an exceptionally gifted professional coach. As a member of the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, I was blessed to take her seminar on how to best leverage my “Clifton Strengths” in building my business. In less than a day, she was able to help me focus not only on my core talents, but to reveal practical ways in which I could better address my corresponding “blind spots.” You would think that after an executive career spanning decades that I would already know what leads me to select and succeed in more entrepreneurial environments, but the insights Carole gave me SPECIFIC tools to help me communicate what I truly need to deliver maximum impact for my employers, clients and co-workers. I’ve already applied these lessons and deeply value Carole’s continued encouragement. She’s a gem! 

    Coaching Testimonial
    Melinda Gipson
    Leesburg Lifestyle Magazine
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole is a wonder coach! She coached me and did mock interviews with me to help me with my first nursing job. I am amazed at my growth with interviewing now. She did an AWESOME job tailoring the session to meet my needs. I spoke with 3 other top Coaches and they all seemed to follow “one shoe fits all” approach. Every time after I spoke with Carole, I got off the phone feeling EMPOWERED! She even recorded our sessions to tailor to my learning style. What amazed me the most is how she thinks. She has an unique way of pointing out my strengths…I have a new way of thinking about myself after working with her. She’s also, very punctual. She responded back to my messages quickly and talked with me over the phone to cheer me on whenever I was starting to lose hope. I definitely recommend Carole. I promise if you work with her, you will not be disappointed.

    Coaching Testimonial
    Kala Sanders
    Registered Nurse
    Bon Secours Health System
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole has been a great career coach. She helped me understand what my goals were and how to achieve them; as well as how to be more confident. Her tactics guided me as I was progressing and she was very supportive and helpful throughout the process. It was a pleasure working with Carole and I would definitely recommend her help if you need to advance your career!

    Coaching Testimonial
    Jessica Ohnona
    Chief Data Officer
  • Coaching Testimonial

    I worked with Carole over the course of about 12 weeks with the goal of accelerating my progress in my personal business. I found our time together to be very effective! We explored my goals and “unpacked” my reasons and motivations, which helped me achieve clarity around why I choose to be an entrepreneur and what my true goals are. Carole is professional, straightforward, motivating, and kind. She asks insightful, thought-provoking questions that propel you to evaluate and grow. With Carole’s help, I improved my mindset and set actionable steps and goals to accelerate my business progress. Thanks, Carole, for a great experience and outcome!

    Coaching Testimonial
    Kristin (Brickley) Hilleary
    Director of Marketing
    Halfaker and Associates, LLC
  • Coaching Testimonial

    For eight months Carole worked with me on a weekly basis as my professional coach. Early in the process, she was aware of the goals I was working on and she outlined a game plan. As a human resource professional, she clearly understands the internal ins and outs of organizations and the methods they use when searching for candidates. Carole’s approach assisted me on several levels, both professionally and personally. She provided exercises to improve my storytelling process during interviews and many of these tips are in Carole’s ‘Interview Up’ eBook, located on her website: relevant-insight.com. In addition, she encouraged me develop power patterns for achieving specific goals in four areas of my life. Carole is dedicated, resourceful, knowledgeable, and she knows the right questions to ask to help you move forward. She also created a sense of play during the entire process. Best of all, in this highly competitive market, Carole provides a ‘humanistic’ approach to career coaching, which is so welcoming. I highly recommend Carole to professionals who want to take their lives to the next level!

    Coaching Testimonial
    Jeannine Curtin
    Senior Marketing Consultant
    Creative Circle
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole has distinguished herself professionally as a work-life career coach because she expertly listens and communicates in the context of partnership. The direct benefit of my coaching experience has been a positive shift to focusing on desired outcomes rather than focusing on obstacles. While I engaged in the coaching experience to improve results on a specific project, I was surprised and delighted by how the coaching experience positively affected all aspects of my life, whether at work or in my personal relationships. Carole Stizza possesses a unique ability to ask the right questions, and she kept the focus on my goals, One of the most valuable results of my coaching experience was learning to effectively practice the habit of curiosity which opens doors and debunks assumptions; now when I find myself in a stalemate or conflict, I can turn to skills that can effectively transform the situation from an adversarial one to one of collaboration.

    Coaching Testimonial
    Jane White
    Lea+Elliott, Inc.
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole has a unique formula that helps individuals find their success. Using your individual strengths to relate to others is something that is often over-looked. So often people focus all on weaknesses on themselves and others. Carole’s advice on handling situations is always direct and tailored to personal style. She has really helped me get the most out of my relationships both at home and professionally. I highly recommend her if you are struggling with your team, trying to get a new job or trying to advance in your current profession. You will be amazed on how quality feedback can help in difficult conversations! 

    Coaching Testimonial
    Jennifer Andos
    Creative Director | Owner
    Paperfish Creative
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole coached me during a phase when I needed help to gain clarity and focus to grow my business. I loved her down to earth and effective approach to issues. I found her guidance extremely helpful to redirect my energy towards what really mattered.

    Coaching Testimonial
    Daniela Moro Williams
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole has a special way of finding the root of a challenge and helping one navigate a path to optimal resolution, whether that be internal or otherwise.
    Coaching Testimonial
    Justin Gaiski
    Project Manager
    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Coaching Testimonial

    Carole was able to read between the lines and articulate what I was trying to say. Working with her really helped me dial in on what was important to me. Clarity breeds mastery!

    Coaching Testimonial
    Sara Lewis
    Introverted Entrepreneurs

About the Individual Leadership Coaching Process

As your Leadership coach, I will provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to review what is going right, assess where you need your emotional intelligence to grow, create and meet goals, embrace new perspectives and establish a new mindset as well as establish ways to reward all successful changes.

As your coach, I provide you with:

  • Tools and guidance to claim what is going right
  • Assess where your emotional intelligence can grow
  • Create and meet goals
  • Embrace new perspectives
  • Establish new mindsets
  • Celebrate all successful changes

With a leadership coach, you will:

  • Identify your strengths and the gifts they provide
  • Learn to live by your strengths, to include knowing what you are great at, and what you are not
  • Learn to celebrate who you are, even the parts you label as weaknesses
  • Find what differentiates you from the rest and build your career around that
  • Begin to make new choices and form new habits towards the goals you desire
  • Receive support, encouragement and motivation to achieve your goals
  • Build the bridge between where you are and where you want to be with clarity

What is included in your coaching packages?

  • Clifton Strength Finder Assessment with a debrief and additional reports to reveal your natural strengths
  • 2-24 hours of coaching depending on the package (in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute sessions)


WHY MY Leadership COACHing?

Having supported a military family who moved often, leadership roles came in a variety of forms, each one unique both in geographic location and income.  Work leadership is not different than self-leadership and I quickly learned that what I had learned through tragedy became a gift through work.

Life is Short

Having led myself through the recovering of 3 car accidents, which all occurred while stopped and turning left, there was no fault or blame, nor any area of improvement that could have happened to prevent these.  At that point you have to either move forward or wallow and wallowing wasn’t an option.  The same can be said for work.

Wallowing slows down progress, limits opportunities, and basically just makes everything get stuck.

However, after my recovery of the difficult diagnosis of stage 3 cancer, I became – truly – just stuck.  I have seen this happen to many at work through an unexpected pivot in career plans, mergers that displace redundant personnel, downsizing due to economy, and right sizing for start-ups. And wonderful professionals get stuck.

This happens in every facet of our lives and when it happens in our work life, it can be overwhelming.  So much rides on how we are valued that many times we forget to value ourselves before we buy into how other’s value us.

Embrace your truth to recognize your happy!

When I got stuck, I got a coach. Each session brought new perspectives, new challenges, new ideas, and new ways to validate my gifts, talents, and skills. While all coaches are unique and offer what they are great at, I realized that I was a unique breed in the way I viewed leadership.  I’ve delved deep into research because I needed to be able to move opinions aside and help people feel validated through the rigors of science and get to heart of what makes them great.  To build their own leadership style and uniqueness.  To help them revel and explore where to grow based upon what makes them unique!

Ready to see what a leadership coach can do for you?

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