When it comes to finding and landing the perfect job, they often say it’s not what you know, but who you know. I’d have to say I agree with them, but I’d also say the most important  “who” isn’t some random connection on LinkedIn or a second cousin twice-removed who’s in the biz.

It’s you.

The success of an interview is a product of how well you know yourself, how well you know the job and the company, and how well you can get them to align. In my  Interview UP series, you will

  • Learn what interviewers need to hear.
  • Comb through your past experiences to determine the themes, strengths, and areas where you need to grow.
  • Harness your passions to amp up your career’s momentum.
  • Understand what sets you apart and convey the true talents you bring to the table.
  • Balance the under-promise and the over-deliver
  • Improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to be relevant in your own success. The tips I provide in my speaking engagements, eBook, online training and individual coaching sessions will help you land the job you’ve always wanted. BONUS: These tips don’t stop at the interview. They also help improve your overall communication skills and self-awareness so that you can collaborate confidently, network effectively, and attract the opportunities your career needs to grow.

If the ‘Interviews Suck’ – It could be you!

A recent article attempted to convince me of the one best question to ask a job candidate that will tell you if they are right for the job. The article caught my attention because it started with ‘Interviews Suck!’   Ok, honestly – the idea that there is...

The Customer Service of Interviewing

Have you ever wondered how to make the interview process more welcoming and productive? Maybe a customer service perspective would help. Recently published in the Kentucky SHRM Magazine, I was honored to share why I coach interviewing skills the way I do....

I got the interview! Now what?!

Last night I attended a local SHRM meeting hosting a panel of high end recruiters, where I asked, “how can candidates prepare for the interview in the right way?” I received the following 3 answers: Stick with the truth! Meaning you need to be truthful in your...

 Online Training

Interview UP is an online training course geared to helping you deepen your self-awareness, grow your confidence, and land your dream job. Like a GPS offering turn-by-turn instructions, online training is perfect for those who prefer introspection or self-guided professional development.


Put me behind the wheel


If you want a more intensive and customized interview guidance, one-on-one coaching allows for powerful results in fewer sessions. Great for people who process information by talking it out and for those wanting faster, more specific results.


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Small Business Tips to Attract Great Managers

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So you didn’t get the job… what now?

So you didn’t get the job… what now?

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