Become empowered


Stop Second Guessing Yourself!

Finding the one thing you don’t have to change will rock your confidence the right way! In a world of obsessed with non-stop self-improvement, you need to figure out how to harness what you do right and stop the self-doubt.


You matter to the world. Find your Value.

Join Carole Stizza of Relevant Insight as she reveals tools that will help you attract the life and business you want. Through science, data, and her own personal experiences, Carole will help you understand what talents you uniquely bring to the world, and how you can optimize your life to support your value.

Improved self awareness

Self-validation to find and own your value

Empowerment to ask for what you need to optimize your life to your strengths

Networking opportunities with other professionals and business owners


When you need tools, training, and specific guidance all rolled into one, coaching offers both valuable information


When you need tools, training, and specific guidance all rolled into one, coaching offers both valuable information

Interview Online Traning

We have VERY LIMITED spots – so if you want to be the first to know about it- get on the waitlist.

Strength Strategy

When we struggle to know our talents, it lowers productivity and morale. It can also result in interpersonal conflict, causing toxic interactions.

Keep Feedback from being a pain in your career!

Master how to step into the right conversations, gain feedback you need, and happily grow in your confidence with inside knowledge that will accelerate your career. You Will Learn:

  • A simple formula to use to gain feedback that is pivotal to your immediate career growth.
  • How to gain specific insights from that feedback you would otherwise never receive.
  • PLUS How to coolly and professionally receive feedback and put the right information into action.

Speak UP, Grab their attention, and Interview UP in your career!

Become an engaging story teller! Master the art of skillfully communicating your value and gain the promotion you
desire, increase your networking sucess with engaging experiences, and gain clients with relatable stories.

You Will Learn:

  • Exactly what needs to be shared in an interviewer and why.
  • A formula for sharing your experiences that is engaging and informative – PLUS showcases more skills than
    modestly answering questions.
  • The BONUS! Truly knowing your value and connecting your talent to your resume.

“I am so happy that I have decided to use the services of a professional interview coach like yourself, despite all the discouragement I got from my friends who claimed that there would be nothing new I would get from it and it would be just a waste of time and money.”

“Carole has been amazing to work with. Over the course of our coaching sessions, she has learned a lot about my business and me, personally. She helped me quantify what I was trying to achieve with my business and created measurable action items so that I could assess my progress towards my goal in multiple ways. She has been insightful, patient, and persistent. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.”

“I believe my success hinged on the communication skills I learned in the sessions (with Carole).”

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