Carole offers her unique experience, knowledge, and tools at conferences, workshops, and events around the Washington, D.C. metro and throughout the country. Either book with Carole through the form at the end of this page or use her SpeakerMatch profile through the button below.


Keep Feedback from being a pain in your career!

Master how to step into the right conversations, gain feedback you need, and happily grow in your confidence with inside knowledge that will accelerate your career. You Will Learn:

  • A simple formula to use to gain feedback that is pivotal to your immediate career growth.
  • How to gain specific insights from that feedback you would otherwise never receive.
  • PLUS How to coolly and professionally receive feedback and put the right information into action.

Blind Spots improve performance! No Rearview mirror required!

Identifying your blind spots is the secret to understanding how to embrace them. We all have them! WE all do something that makes people crazy. The faster you learn how to recognize yours, and understand how to adapt, the faster you succeed. You Will Learn:

  • Which blind spots are linked to your strengths.
  • How to work with people who have blind spots that need to be revealed and how to do that.
  • How to handle feedback about blind spots and make them the strengths they can become.

Speak UP, Grab their attention, and Interview UP in your career!

Become an engaging story teller! Master the art of skillfully communicating your value and gain the promotion you
desire, increase your networking sucess with engaging experiences, and gain clients with relatable stories.

You Will Learn:

  • Exactly what needs to be shared in an interviewer and why.
  • A formula for sharing your experiences that is engaging and informative – PLUS showcases more skills than
    modestly answering questions.
  • The BONUS! Truly knowing your value and connecting your talent to your resume.

Curiosity uncovers Compassionate @ work! No Detective Needed!

Understanding how to side step the drama, give your ego a break, and stop gossip in its tracks promotes organizations to connect in more meaningful ways. Using curiosity in your approach can do just that. You Will Learn:

  • When to apply curiosity to diffuse the drama and get to the solutions faster.
  • How to use curiosity to stop gossip and inflated egos from preventing more meaningful work solutions.
  • How to drive perspectives and gain insights into which business decisions affect your people.

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 Nail the Interview! What Every Interviewer Wants to Hear From You

Linked-In Group:

Carole leads a Breakthrough Management Discussion Group, on LinkedIn for Managers. Join the conversation and download the monthly webinars by clicking on the button below.

Webinar: One Bite Feedback

Presented in June 2017 at the Breakthrough Management Meetup, One Bite Feedback features Carole Stizza of Relevant Insight, Gretchen Richards of AntaresPartners.com, and Carol Bleyle of Pract.us

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 Online Training

Interview UP is an online training course geared to helping you deepen your self-awareness, grow your confidence, and land your dream job. Like a GPS offering turn-by-turn instructions, online training is perfect for those who prefer introspection or self-guided professional development.


Put me behind the wheel


If you want a more intensive and customized interview guidance, one-on-one coaching allows for powerful results in fewer sessions. Great for people who process information by talking it out and for those wanting faster, more specific results.


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