Success Strategy Group Coaching Program

Invest in your Potential


  • Up to 50% savings
  • Good for monthly payments and one-time payment


What’s Included:

  • Assessment and Reports – If you have not taken an assessment, a code will be provided. This will provide you with any additional reports you need to optimize the course.
  • Monthly 90-minute Video Conference Calls – Where we all meet, network, and learn how our strengths are uniquely positioned in our lives.
  • Two Monthly Meeting Times – One during the day and one in the evening to accommodate your schedule. Contact Carole for the current schedule.
  • Recordings of Calls – If you can’t make a group meeting a recording is available for you to watch (or re-watch).
  • Downloadable Course Materials – There are many resources that are provided. These are available to you on an easily accessible website anytime you need them.
  • Monthly Challenges – These are offered during our calls and are intended to support you in your awareness of where your strengths are and where you can leverage them to achieve better results every day.
  • Private 60-Minute Coaching Session – This session offers clarity for your goals, challenges, and expectations. It can also serve as an accountability tool to keep you on track. This session can be broken up into 2 30-minute laser coaching sessions if desired.
  • Email Access – Email and phone access to Carole for quick questions as well as check-ins.
  • Connections – Networking with others in the course, regardless of when they started. When members Elevate Out they have the option to stay connected to the group via the Facebook group and LinkedIn.
  • A Private Facebook Group where your cohort hangs out to support each other.

Success Strategy Group Coaching Program

You’ve always wanted to know how to maximize and rely on what you naturally do best. Here is a program designed to do just that! It has been proven that people gain results 20% faster when involved with a group coaching program; why not you? For the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee a day, you will receive regular challenges to identify, articulate, and leverage your natural strengths and elevate your own influence in your success.

We are always growing! Why not grow with intention? Optimize what you learn about your own natural strengths to directly connect with your work, life, and relationships.

Specific Topics of Group Coaching Calls:

  • Why Your Top 5 Strengths Matter
  • Why Your Top 10 Strengths (Leadership) Matter
  • Why Your Bottom 5 Strengths Matter
  • Breadth – How to identify the scope of your strengths
  • Depth – How to identify the depth of your strengths
  • Calibration – How to identify and balance your top strengths
  • Managing and Relating to Others Using Your Strengths
  • Strengths & Stress
  • Strengths & Family
  • Strengths & Problem Solving
  • Strengths & Innovation
  • Strengths & Tolerance