You – being You and being Amazing – made a difference in 2018!

Looking out the window at this wet winter, I often dream of snow and the quiet and reflective opportunities that come when you are ‘snowed in.’  

These are the moments when I realize how amazing this year has been because of you!

To the people I’ve presented to, trained in workshops, and coached on an individual basis – you have been the most amazing people I’ve ever had the chance to work with! From Graduating High School students to Executives to New Retirees now using their expertise to form volunteer groups and non-profits – YOU ARE AMAZINGLY TALENTED!  My job was simply to reveal your true value to the world and let you run with it!

2018 was truly a wonderful year but it didn’t start out that way….

At the end of last year I was frustrated with the hopes I had that didn’t come through. I was equally frustrated because I didn’t know how to make what I wanted to happen – happen!

That’s when I realized I wasn’t tapping into the wisdom and strengths of those around me.  I obviously don’t know it all, nor do I always know how to move forward. So, I started reaching out to others (and I’ve kept reaching out even today!)  I reached out to fellow professionals, fellow coaches, my local chamber of commerce members and my friends.  When they say it takes a village – that is NO JOKE!

So, for the new year, I encourage you to create your village of people

It needs to consist of people who don’t laugh at your dreams, but who support you (and maybe challenge you to dream bigger!). This village may be the ones who connect you to people that can help make your dreams a reality.

With a full heart and loads of excitement, 2019 is already off and running strong with new challenges, new clients, new speaking opportunities, and wonderful people.

Zig Ziglar was famous for saying: “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Who do you need to reach out to to start building your village? And who is reaching out to you to be part of their village? How are you going to respond (I hope it’s a resounding YES!)?

Now!….What are you looking forward to this next year?!  Let’s do this! 

I’m excited to hear what that is and see if I can be part of your village too!

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