TEAMS WANT to produce and innovate as a collective to be individually successful.  I help make that happen.

Team Workshops and Coaching elevates…

  • The Team who desires to up their communication, innovation, and performance
  • The Team Members who feel stuck and need to reconnect to the mission/vision
  • The Human Resource Team that is growing and needs increased collaboration
  • The Newly Formed Team that needs to establish their focus, direction, action plan, and how to communicate for effectiveness and performance

With a Team Workshop, you will receive…

We kick things off by using scientific based assessments.  Then we come together to drive awareness of how all unique talents are necessary to drive innovation, maintain communication, elevate create questions, and respect the diversity of thought that makes the team a force for success.  It also provides a culminating report of:

  • A team overview of where your team strengths exist and where there may be gaps
  • A process to drive team engagement for team leaders
  • Tools for leaders to use to drive better communication between team members that elevate mutual respect

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With a Team Coach, you will receive…

  • An assessment debrief to uncover the values, unique gifts, and passions of each member of your team post workshop
  • Action plans and accountability for success for each member that aligns with the team goals
  • Insights and coaching around how to maintain what is going right while addressing challenges for each team member and each team lead
  • Motivation, encouragement, and regular check-ins to assess new challenges that emerge

WHY this approach?

With an extensive background in the Human Resources field and research in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I have seen teams who work with passion and joy in their industry and the organization returns are elevated.  I have also met many teams who simply work for a paycheck with no motivation to grow or truly excel – and the organization suffers slower returns, higher turnover, and less innovation.  

Research is clear, the best teams spend time contributing to work that has purpose and ignites passion in their team members.  Revealing the individual strengths of team members and connecting the collective strengths to the organization’s goals elevates a simple group of people to be cohesive and high performing.

Having a workshop connects the team as a collective. Having a coach as a partner can provide the transition from workshop to implementation with more direction, more purpose, and introduce new elements of your team’s talents. 

With the current research identifying how important managers are to every organization, here is where investing in you and your team makes a huge impact. Gallup research reveals: when managers have highly engaged leaders themselves, they are 39% more likely to actively engaged at work. When this occurs, there is a positive ripple effect, creating 59% more engaged employees.

And the positive effects on cost are substantial!

  • Absenteeism decreases by 37%
  • Turnovers decrease between 25-65% depending upon the industry
  • Shrinkage decreases by 28%
  • Safety issues decrease by 48%
  • Patient safety issues in medical facilities by 41%
  • Quality (in relation to defects) increased by 41%
  • Resulting in customer ratings improving by 10%
  • Productivity increasing by 21%
  • Profitability increasing by 22%

To make the change you desire – start today! Your team will thank you!