I am so happy that I have decided to use the services of a professional interview coach like yourself, despite all the discouragement I got from my friends who claimed that there would be nothing new I would get from it and it would be just a waste of time and money.

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Inessa Nicoleascu

Anti-Human Traffic Specialist

Carole has been amazing to work with. Over the course of our coaching sessions, she has learned a lot about my business and me, personally. She helped me quantify what I was trying to achieve with my business and created measurable action items so that I could assess my progress towards my goal in multiple ways. She has been insightful, patient, and persistent. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.

Lori Bowlin

The Nines

Your coaching helped me learn an effective approach to interviewing and I gained a new found level of
confidence.  All things considered, given how long it had been since interviewing and the salary and job
responsibility for which I was looking, I required more than just standard prep with the usual interview
questions.  I needed a different approach and the confidence to go for it, both of which I got from just a
couple of sessions with you. Not only did I gain clarity in my goals, but I gained the confidence to go for
it. I had already worked hard to achieve the position and status, I just lacked the compensation.

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Michelle Sosa

Project Manager

In our first coaching session, Carole helped me gain clarity on my reason for being in business which I was having trouble articulating.  From there, she continued to ask me questions that made me think.  It helped me discover what was really important to me.  She took my broad ideas and broke them down into actionable items.  This way I have “to dos” rather than simply hoping for things to happen on their own.  Carole is excellent in understanding her client’s perspective!

Sara L.

Mix Fitness

I believe my success hinged on the communication skills I learned in the sessions (with Carole).

Bobby F.

I’m new to life coaching but I believe it would vary person to person. Regardless of your goals, I think it is nice having someone to not only bounce ideas off of but to also kind of having someone there to hold you accountable. It wasn’t a scary as I thought it was going to be but has been more painful and hard work than I thought. I feel like I have the tools and the “carole” voice inside of me to work through some of the issues that I previously thought were impossible. Above all, I’ve learned to be flexible. What you think you’re goals are in the beginning of your life coaching sessions are most likely not your goals as you progress through your session. Dedicating 1 hour per week to discuss the latest events, issues, and successes allows you to come through the fog to see a clearer picture of what your true goals are.

Emily Prohaska


Through my coaching relationship with Carole, I have experienced valuable self-awareness, gaining tangible skills to achieve outcomes which are not only successful, but which represent authentically my values and goals. Carole expertly listens and communicates in the context of partnership. The direct benefit of my coaching experience has been a positive shift to focusing on desired outcomes rather than focusing on obstacles. I gained skills which enhance collaboration and which allow me to structure effective processes to achieve successful outcomes. I have gained confidence through the coaching experience with Carole, and I am equipped to intentionally assess factors which affect my enthusiasm and success. While I engaged in the coaching experience to improve results on a specific project, I was surprised and delighted by how the coaching experience positively affected all aspects of my life, whether at work or in my personal relationships. I found that through learning how to identify my specific power patterns, descriptions which articulate the attributes I value and which uniquely describe me, I became increasingly more productive in achieving goals and in managing unavoidable challenges which were either a tolerance-drain or energy zapper. By identifying my unique power patterns, I have a means to evaluate decision-making in the context of how the choice resonates with my priorities. Carole Stizza possesses a unique ability to ask the right questions, and she kept the focus on my goals, expertly introducing skills as I recognized factors hampering my successful completion of a project. One of the most valuable results of my coaching experience was learning to effectively practice the habit of curiosity by employing the techniques Carole demonstrated. I am amazed by the results each time I ask the question “…what’s the one thing___?…”. Curiosity opens doors and debunks assumptions; now when I find myself in a stalemate or conflict, I can turn to skills that can effectively transform the situation from an adversarial one to one of collaboration.

Jane Osborne

Lea+Elliott, Inc.

(Carole) was instrumental in me getting the position I went after. 

Jacob D.

The one thing that comes to mind is how she conveys her experience in a clear cut manner. She has the patience to guide you along, and let you uncover what works best for your given career and/or profession. With her years of human resource experience, she knows exactly what will cut through the clutter in the interview and/or business building arena. Most of all, she works intrinsically on a ‘human’ level.

Early in the process, Carole was aware of the professional and personal goals I was working to achieve. She clearly outlined a game plan that assisted me in focusing on them separately, without being so overwhelmed, breaking them down into thirds. Once again, her clarity and guidance demonstrated how I could tackle these giant undertakings in a useful manner.

Carole’s coaching approach is unlike any other I have encountered. Having worked in HR, and as a trainer and consultant, she quickly assimilates what you need to focus on as a business leader, owner or in making the next career plunge. She connected with my professional needs in a method few coaches have addressed – authentic storytelling in the interview process. She helped me develop the tools over several drafts, and this new interview methodology will shape my interview and networking exchanges.  

The most important part is also how she injects creative ‘play’ into the steps. Carole asked me, what is it you really like to do, and other questions to keep me on my toes and she opened my creative side, which was crucial to me as a copywriter and poet. She encouraged me to take risks and inject fun into my daily routine. Carole’s encouragement worked to remove several roadblocks I’ve recently felt to unleash my creativity!

Above all, her words of advice are filled with personal kindness, which is so rare in this competitive market place.

Jeannine Curtin

Curtin Creative Marketing

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