February is the first month of the real year. 

January was for reminiscing, playing around with new ideas and goals, and the harsh reality of your bills needing to be paid. February is where you get serious about what a New You really means. For most, it means an improvement in their health or their job or both (they are connected in more ways than you can imagine!).

Forbes just published a blog about the job prospects for 2019 and while the outlook is rosy from the viewpoint of data, the reality of which new job you should look for is hard. 

When the new year hits, we are filled with aspirational goals, new energy to explore new opportunities, and the desire to see what we can develop or change within us to make that happen. And then Monday happens and you fall lock step back into your old habits with the goals for the new year fading like yesterday’s daydream. Let’s stop that insanity!

There are many ways to find your own fantastic, and it all starts with having the guts to get serious. 

Yep, you have to be brave; braver than you may already be, if you’re really going to go after something more challenging, more fulfilling, and more rewarding.

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Step 1:  Take a gut check!

Do you have enough bravery to really do it?  I’m serious, do you have the guts?  If not, stop reading this and go read what you always read to feel good about yourself right where you are.


Let’s say you’re looking back and never want to repeat last year.  OK!  Then something has to change – which means you have to look at yourself in different ways, look in different areas for the job you really want, work your network and your spend time differently.

Step 2:  Realize what is different about you!

Look back and make a list of what went right last year.  Where did you feel like a rock star? Write out these examples to share with someone else and provide as much detail as possible. Now add to that list what new skills you gained that you love and what skills that you didn’t like, or even hated! 

Now, imagine exactly what you want people to brag about when you are not in the room and write that down too. These lists say a lot about your self-perception. You may not be able to read them without bias, a slanted perspective, or self-doubt.

This is where you reach out to other professionals. You can look for ideas from such sources as Onet Online to identify where your skills will relate.  Your options for human assistance are to locate a mentor, a coach, or a successful professional within the industry you want to work in. They will be able to look at these lists and help you form a plan of action and awareness of the best ways to get to a new level within your career.

You may want to take an assessment to find out what your natural strengths are and what gets in your way.  There are several geared towards increased self-awareness, which increases your honesty in what roles you are best suited for to excel. 

I recommend Clifton Strength Finders if you are new to assessments.

Step 3:  Figure out where to start!

Identify networks, organizations, associations, or social groups both in person and on-line that will help provide you with new connections, insights, and awareness and get involved. 

Will you have to give up something?  Probably.

We all have the same amount of time every day to use; choose wisely.

Schedule the time on your calendar or use reminders, or even phone alerts Aim to spend no less than 90-120 minutes a day. This time commitment seems daunting, so work up to it, if you need to. But don’t give up! Dig deep for that bravery.

One of my favorite articles to share is from The Muse and since blogs are short pieces of information, click the link to this one to get more insights

strength strategy course book

You need to know what and why you are after in this change. Create a vision, gain clarity, make a plan of action, and find a direction. Don’t give up on yourself! You are you own best advocate.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! Stay focused and use this new year to be a new you and go after any new job you want.

Carole Stizza, ACC, SHRM-SCP, works to speak, coach, and train on how to find, own, and communicate your value for the new job, new promotion, or as a leader. She will be speaking around the country in 2019 and 2020 and is publishing her first book later this year.

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