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Coaching for those outside of a larger business



‘Step-In’ to Success Initial Package

Jump into identifying your unique strengths and get them connected to where you want to go!
Includes an individual strength finder assessment, a coaching debrief of results, a goal setting and action planning session that connects results to desired outcomes.  Accountability coaching requires jumping into a group, team, or individual package.
2-3 Sessions

Master the Interview

Executive Coaching

When the demand for growth requires you to step onto a bigger stage in your career and you now realize that what got you here won’t get you there with the confidence, strategy and tools you need. 
Includes Assessments and a customized plan that includes identifying opportunities for growth, goals, a desired development plan, and accountability coaching.
12 Sessions
Work with Carole

Group Coaching

When you want to not only succeed on your own but brainstorm, network, and support others.
Includes the ‘Step-in’ Package and concentrates on leading the entire group through their individual needs, building in accountability, networking support from the group, and inclusive learning and celebrating achievements. 
12 months or in 4-month increments, per individual preference

Coaching within an organization


Coaching within organizations is to connect talent with return on investment.

Expect RESULTS with my C.O.N.N.E.C.T. Programs:

C – Connect identified strengths to goals

O – Organization Opportunities identified for these strengths

N – Narrow those opportunities to the most useful

N – Next, build development plan

E – Evaluate progress and emotional IQ with new actions

C – Communicate and handle challenges =

T – Talent and trust developed for ROI and succession planning

Carole Stizza-executive coach

Corporate Executive Coaching

Exclusively for the leadership minded executive who has a goal of promoting from current role to an elevated CEO type role in leadership within an organization.  Using the CONNECT program as a guide and customizing where required or preferred.
12 Sessions recommended

Emerging Leadership Coaching

Exclusively for the emerging leadership minded individuals who have been promoted into a new role of leadership or have a goal of being developed for a future promotion, leadership role, or executive career path within an organization.  Using the CONNECT program as a guide and customizing where preferred.
6 Sessions minimum recommended to establish fit

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Team Strength Success Workshop

Exclusively for the Proactive leader who wants to position their team for elevated communication and success.
Includes an Assessment provided for each team member, an individual session to debrief their own results and understand individual goals, and the team is presented with an in-person workshop to connect the team’s strengths for increased innovation, communication, and client interactions.